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Steve Sando
June 06, 1960 - December 23, 2008

Thursday, December 22, 2011 8:45 PM

I am very sad to find about Sandman 3 years after his death. He was one of those guys I just thought I would run into again..and again. I met him in college in Professor Amund's Political Science class. We were political science buddies from the very first minute. Snicker bars to ya Sandman! I can't tell you right now what it meant to have a friend like you because it's so fresh right now, but when we were together and having the munchies...I can't remember ever laughing soooo hard.
When I went to DC...you checked up on me. I was treated with kid gloves because you put in the word for me. When I went to Boston, you checked up on me...I met up with you in NYC and you told me to be careful, the world is dangerous, this surprised me because you never seemed afraid of anything...When I moved to Phoenix, you would just call out of the blue. It just feels like you should be showing up somewhere playing your guitar and singing some outrageous song that you made up on the spot in some dive bar.
Your life was very big...you told me it would be. I always felt very special for being your friend, I can tell from all these postings, that we all did. Wow, what a tribute to a human being that you made us all feel so special for having known you.
I know that by now if I were talking to you; you would have told me to f&*&(*&5'in shut up, but today, I wish I still didn't know this. Today, I wish I still knew that I was going to run into you on my next trip to Minnie. I just wish.
I hope you know that I adored you Steven. I always adored you. I just wish you could sing me one more song and that I would get one more phone call, just to check up on me.
I hope I get to have good dreams about you...and that you get to sing me that song.
All my love,
Debra Norby (Westcliffe, CO)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 3:35 PM

In just wanted to drop a note in memory of Steve. It's been 2 years and I can still hear and see him.
Roy Lerner (New Rochelle, NY)

Sunday, November 22, 2009 8:06 AM

It was an honour to work with Steve Sando. I admired him so much and loved him even more. Steve lavished me with praise and respect and was truly inspirational. I was deeply moved by the tenderness he showed towards me during troubled times. Steve Sando was one of finest human beings I have ever met and I will never forget him. My condolences to his Family and loved ones.
Audrey Purdie (London)

Saturday, November 21, 2009 10:11 PM

It was an honour to work with Steve Sando. My condolences to his Family and loved ones.
Audrey Purdie (London)

Thursday, November 12, 2009 10:11 AM

I still have a note from Steve that he wrote to my husband, Bill (when Steve found out he was the Program Director at XM Satellite Radio Bluesville).. mainly because it was so "Steve." He wanted to make sure Bill knew about one particular record of Johnny Winters and I think his friends will appreciate his words and passion..

Steve: "... you need to check out one of the most obscure--yet, in my opinion--one of the great blues records of all time....Johnny Winter's 'Second Winter'...released in 1972 (I think)

Why is it so cool??....a couple of reasons....the line-up includes Johnny, Uncle John Turner on drums and Tommy Shannon on bass (later with SRV and Double Trouble)....also featured is a very young brother Edgar on tenor sax and hammond B3 w/Leslie (album cover/sleeve opens up with a photo of the four and Edgar with a Pixie hair cut)....

It's also the only album I know of that was release by CBS as a 'three-sided' record....the sleeve have two vinyl 12" LPs, one two-sided....the other only one-sided....the liner notes quote Johnny as saying the reason for this was to make sure they released an album that was 'as technically loud as possible.'

You play a lot of tasty cuts from Johnny---most of them recent...and most of them in collaboration with folks like Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy...etc...

You need to check out this record...it's as cool as anything.....tasty tracks include...

1. Hustled Down in Texas
2. I Hate Everybody (great chops...almost a swing tune...Edgar on sax and B3 is amazing)
3. Hiway 61 Revisited (Johnny's version of the Dylan classic turned into a slide guitar burner)
4. Memory Pain

It's the one record that, in my opinion, has been overlooked and now almost forgotten...

The other bit of Johnny Winter trivia I would impart is a track from one of brother Edgars first albums....Edgar Winter's White Trash/Roadwork...is an awesome album that features a version (I'll call it THEE version) of Rick Derringer's 'Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo'.....Johnny released a version of his own of the song on one of the first 'Johnny Winter And' records--but the 'White Trash/Roadwork' version is an absolute classic and rises far above even the Rick Derringer version....(and he wrote the damn thing)...."

He sure loved his guitars and more importantly his friends. He is still missed.
Sheila Jaskot (Washington, DC)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 11:28 AM

Ahhhh. It's high school football playoff time and approaching the middle of the NFL season. One of the Sandman's favorite seasons! Although I think of Sando everyday, this season reminds me of the many fall afternoons playing a little full contact football only in sweats and regardless of the weather. A couple of my favorite memories of these games...Sando and the boys running plays in slow-motion or in reverse, seeing who could do the best Heisman pose, Sandwich always wanting to be the wide receiver making fingertip grabs and tip-toeing down the sidelines. Not to mention he did a pretty good Howard Cosell imitation for the "replays" and highlights. Everytime I think of him I laugh.

Steve Payette (Duluth, MN)

Saturday, September 26, 2009 11:09 PM

I did a story on Steve for The Spectrum in the 90s, because I thought that an NDSU student had gotten where he was, was about the coolest thing. He was so jovial, so generous, and offered me an internship with CBS.

I went to DC my spring semester of senior year, and Steve was very kind, treated me like family, and was the friendly face this North Dakota girl needed! The long story involves Monica Lewinsky. The short story is, I ended up going back to my radio job in Fargo. After graduation, I ventured to Texas, and ended up meeting the right neurosurgeon in the nick of time.

This gentle, giant-hearted man made me eat calamari, told me not to give up on what was in my sights, and sent me in a direction that ended up saving my life.
Deanna Toepke (New Braunfels, TX)

Friday, May 08, 2009 1:57 PM

I did not hear of Steve's death until this week. I moved to Apple Valley in 1976 from Texas. I knew nobody except my parents and to make it worse I was a senior in high school. It was late summer right before school was going to start and my doorbell rang. I answered the door and this big kid with a big smile introduces himself to me as Steve. H e asked if I wanted to go driving around with him and he would show me around. He showed me every place in Apple Valley to get something to eat and told me a little about everyone he introduced me to.It's weird to think that I only talked to him a few times since 1977, but the kindness he showed me will never be forgotten.
Jeff Kruger (Aubrey, TX)

Monday, April 06, 2009 8:58 PM

I just learned today of Steve's passing. All I can say is that anyone from AVHS who knew Steve loved him. He was a wonderful, kind, funny and talented person. When I think of Steve - I smile...and always will. My sympathies go out to the family and friends he leaves behind.
Theresa Burdette Hagaman (Apple Valley, MN)

Monday, March 23, 2009 3:18 AM

In 1992, I met Steve on a plane. I was a semi-naive girl from Nebraska. He was a producer with CBS. Something in his eyes drew me to him.

We spent some short, but special months together. I visited him in NY several times. He'd always try to call me each night. I remember one time when he called it was really noisy... he said, "I just wanted to make sure I called you, but I'm going to have to talk to you tomorrow." It was because he was calling me from a helicopter flying over the L.A. Riots. I've never forgotten how he kept his word to call me, regardless of the circumstances.

Sometimes when he called, I could see his beautiful eyes smiling when he'd ask me what I was drinking. "Chocolate milk," I'd answer. He'd laugh, mentioning that whenever he called his friend/female colleague in NY, she was always drinking Vodka. I guess he liked the irony, or maybe the "chocolate milk" answer brought him back to his Midwest roots.

When I'd visit him in NY, during the day, I'd walk all over the city. When he'd get home, I'd tell him about all the people I met or said "hi" to. He'd try to act so upset, telling me that I'm not in Nebraska, and I shouldn't be smiling and talking to those strangers in the city. His concern was so sweet, ...maybe with his job he saw so much bad in the world, that he liked that I was only seeing the good.

I, too, remember all the guitars in his unkept NY apartment. He gave me an autographed photo of Stevie Ray Vaughan and a gold bracelet he bought while covering the Gulf War. I still have both of those gifts, he gave them to me with such a sweet love, albeit a heavy heart.

After several months, Steve told me that I'd be better off without him in my life. He was so sad when he said it, we were both crying in his apartment. Part of me thought that he wanted to focus on his career, and not on some girl from Omaha. But in my heart I feel that Steve didn't think he could give me what I needed in a relationship. His mind was made up, he asked me to please let him go.

About once a year, I'd look Steve up online. I never contacted him, per his wishes, just watched him from afar. After reading all the wonderful things his friends and colleagues have written about him on this site, it's reaffirmed what I felt the very first moment I met Steve. He is truly an extraordinary man, and I thank God that for those few precious months that He gave me with Steve.
Sandy (Castle Rock, CO)
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