Walter George "Pete" Peterson
November 23, 1941 - July 24, 2017

Favorite Sports Team: San Francisco Giants
Favorite Food: Grilled Steak
Favorite Musical Group: Johnny Cash
Greatest Achievement: Being a father, a husband, and a coworker
Favorite Saying/Quote: "Have I ever denied you?" - Walt's response to an aggrieved claim that you weren't getting something you thought you should. / "If you mess with the snake, you get the fang!" - Walt's wisdom describing the rules of life in general. / "For how many?!" - Walt's question to vendors, asked with genuine incredulity, when making purchases on behalf of his kids. He's set a pair of jeans or sneakers down and, when the cashier gave him the price, he'd theatrically clutch his chest and ask that question. He always found it amusing, while we were mortified! Despite his protestations though, he rarely denied us!
Favorite Flower: California Golden Poppy
Best Childhood Experience: Growing up in Panama with his family and friends
Favorite Vacation: Simple road trips with his family
Favorite Movie: Dirty Harry
Favorite Song: Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
Favorite Book: The Path Between the Seas by David McCullough
Favorite Restaurant: The Omelette Express in Santa Rosa
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate
Hobbies and Additional Favorites:
  • As mentioned, Walter loved dogs.  After he retired for good, he loved to drive to the dog park in Santa Rosa, where he would sit and just watch them play.
  • Dad was very proud of his service to the Telephone Company.  Among other things, he had a section of telephone cable that was as thick as your arm and contained a rainbow gallery of hundreds of smaller insulated copper wires.  He would let us kids take that to school for show-and-tell, arming us with factual information about telephone cables that we could share with our classmates.
  • He was very rigorous about taking care of his favorite pick-up truck, frequently washing, waxing, and performing periodic maintenance upon it.
  • He loved to go for "drives" to noplace in particular, and would often take "the scenic route" to the grocery store or when running errands.
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