Kris J. Phillips Sr.
April 27, 1977 - April 09, 2006


A Good son,

father, brother, love,

nephew, and  a friend

is hard to find. 

All in all We love you always,

but know that GOD loved you more!


Started by Elaine Phillips on January 04, 2009
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Our Dear Kris:

A million times we needed you,
A million times we cried,
If love alone would have saved you,
You would have never died.

In life we loved you dearly,
In death we love you still,
In our hearts you hold a place,
No one can ever fill.

A light from our household is gone,
A voice from our love is stilled,
A place in our vacant home,
Which never can be filled.
Some may think you are forgotten,
Though on earth you are no more,
But in our memory you are with us,
As you always were before.

It broke our hearts to lose you,
But you did not go alone,
A part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.

Your precious memories are for keepsakes,
with which we never part,
God has you safely in his keeping,
But we have you forever in our hearts.

You will be "Forever In Our Hearts"

Auntie Mal, Jesse & Nyjhia
Posted by Marilyn Banks on July 13, 2013

Hi Kris,just sitting here thinking of you.I still miss you so much. Wishing you were still here. Yout brother Ricky is singing with this Gospel Group Harold Holloway and Co. You would be so proud,you know that I am. Here should see all your big nieces,nephews and your sons. They are making me old.I LOVE and Miss you Teedie.
Posted by Elaine Phillips on June 28, 2009

Hi baby,Lord knows I miss you so much.LOVE,LOVE and MORE LOVE for you forever.
Posted by Elaine Phillips on April 04, 2009

Another sunset another sunrise. It's almost that time. Another year. You know something, I started thinking of it this way another sunset, another sunrise, and another year just brings the day closer when we will meet again. That helps me to make it. It may sound strange but it works. I lost 3 important men in my life in one year. I just felt soo weak. But then God spoke to me and said "I may have called for them, but they all left you something to use everyday". So Kris I use your laugh, my grandfather's wisdom and my uncle's strength to make it each day. God knew just what I needed to become strong again. Thank you God, thank you.
Posted by Shantrell Phillips on April 02, 2009

Kris,its getting close to that time again. I missd you so much. I don't think no one really know the pain that I am feeling. Now I know how God felt losing his only son. Which I know how he felt because I lost my only son to. my first and only son during that time. Out of 10 kids my Mom had I am the only one that has experience death with our kids kids. But you know that I still LOVE the Lord. Talk some more later,my heart is full now and tears are coming down. Lovr always you MOM
Posted by Elaine Banks Phillips on March 05, 2009

Hi Kris,I know this a day you would be so happy with. Barack Obama first ever elected BLACK PRESIDENT in the United States Of America. Your neice Kristen your name sake,any where she see Obama pictures she states,Mama look Obama. Ask Kristen who is Obama?she states our President and smile. Wish you were here to witness the event. But guess what your two sons are here,and this is an event they will never ever forget. This is a Black History Record Event. This is the words of Dr. Martin Luther King forty years ago. A Black President and th 44th President of the United States. Thank you Jesus
Posted by Elaine Banks Phillips on January 20, 2009

Kris I am sitting here thinking about how around this time in 2006 I was by you in Ga. It was such a happy time,meeting all of your Medix EMT class mates. Cooking for them and everyone was so happy. Remember I was the one that told your class mates that Ricky your brother was a EMT already and that you was a Firefighter. You know you should have told me that no one knew but Monique and your school instructor. I came and messed up everything. But it didn't make a difference to them. They all stilled love you. They talked about how well of a job I done with you. They even mentioned how respectful you was because you use to answer yes,and no mame. I was so proud of you,never thought that I would be losing you that soon afterwards. We had so many happy times together. I miss you so much,also Kris Jr. and Kory J. We will always love you.
Posted by Elaine Phillips on January 18, 2009

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