William James "Murph or Jack" Murphy
May 12, 1949 - February 24, 2018

Full Name: William James "Murph or Jack" Murphy
Date of Birth: May 12, 1949
Date of Death: February 24, 2018
Country of Birth: United States
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Place of Death: St. Louis, MO
Memberships: Princeton Alumni, National Honor Society, Maine Township High School South - Park Ridge, IL, Sentry Security, Wood Lawn Community Organizer (Chicago South Side), Playboy Enterprises, Interstate National Corp., Blue Cross Association, IL Blue Cross Blue Shield, Continental Bank, Chicago Department of Public Health - Originating Developer of IT Systems Automation

William J. Murphy (Murph)

Grew up in Park Ridge IL, a suburb of Chicago, IL.  He was the son of William R. Murphy (Ole’ Boy) and Florence Murphy (The Babe).  He had three siblings, Bryant, Cathie & Maureen. 

He attended high school at Maine Township South, where he was on the Honor Society and was the class President.

After high school he attended Princeton University where he gained an academic scholarship and majored in Political Science.  His big brother Bryant reminded me that Murph worked diligently for his father cleaning and hanging neon signs for various restaurants and saloons, primarily on Chicago’s south side to earn money for books, boarding, etc at Princeton.  

After his stint at Princeton, he backpacked through Europe, open-minded, and full of a desire to explore.  He was very progressive and did not go by conventional norms for the time.  He was highly accepting of all cultures and welcomed by all who came in contact with him.  He spent many nights throughout Europe eating with families and learning first-hand about other ways of living outside of the typical American mind. During his travel, he met and married his ex-wife in Denmark.  She was by no stretch of the imagination a typical young lady.  She was mesmerazing in looks and incredibly well appointed in manner and in the many writings I have the pleasure of holding.  She passed at age 36, I think.  She was a 6 foot tall bombshell and had a kindess which I can only imagine. Bill (Murph) was her perfect counterpart.  Murph quickly became fluent in Dutch via total emersion with her family and friends.  Murph was often envied but never knew an enemy.  In fact, he and his ex-wife remained friends after their split until her passing in her late 30’s.  Murph additionally had a nice relationship with her new husband who I understandwas an excellent Photog.

Murph’s nuclear family is one of tradition.  They celebrate holidays each year, go on golfing trips and travel together as much as possible.  One very amazing tradition, which speaks to the family character as a whole, they honor their late Mom (The Babe) each year around Valentine’s Day.  They have dubbed this occasion, "Babe Day" originated by Murph’s sister Maureen. Gratefully, William (Murph) had just attended “Babe Day” the weekend prior to his passing. The family is very grateful to have seen him so recently prior to his final decent to his next rhelm.

In 2010, Murph underwent a very risky triple anorectic amorism surgery which was successful due to the renowned Stroger Student Hospital in Chicago, IL and 6 person surgical team.  The surgery lasted over five hours and his heart was stopped several minutes beyond the standard.   To say Murph had nine lives would be an understatement.  Now funny, just one year post his surgery a weight from a church bell which was 6 stories high, weighing over 200 pounds fell onto his car while he was inside just inches from him.  The bell crushed the back of the car, which is lovingly referred to as the “Babe-Mobile.”  The 1993 Buick LeSabre was restored by Murph and is still on the road to date.  And, the church happens to be where his parents were married.

Murph is one of a kind.  I know this is the case for all of us, but Murph was a Gentleman, Scholar, a friend to the end and a natural born Leader.  He is the type you could trust but should surely not include in a plan that was less than honest and pure. For me, he has set the standard for what a person strives to be. His legacy is one anyone would be so fortnate to attain 10%.  

His professional career, much like him personally was devoted to serving others.  He was a research assistant in economics and member of Internal Affairs. His works were dedicated to the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity; the Gallup Organization and he was Chair: Politics Department Undergraduate Committee and JV Basketball.

His professional career began as a Systems Analyst at Continental bank moving into performance consultancy in the Blue Cross Association.  After his stint in banking and insurance, William became the Senior Consultant for strategic planning and marketing for Playboy Enterprises. From 1990 - 1995 William was a the Chief of Operations Officer for THE WOODLAWN ORGANIZATION, where he gained state case management certifications for the University of Illinois for clinic-based and Catholic Charities and community based case management programs.  His works provided grant money for numerous human service programs.  In 1995 William became the Planning Director for the CHICAGO HEALTH ADVOCACY COALITION. His work was instrumental for Illinois Maternal and Child Health Care Coalition and Rush’s Primary Care Institute. 

William was a Project Manager for the Chicago Department of Public Health.  He continued from 2000 – 2004 as a Senior Consultant Strategic Planner for the U.S. Department of Human Services Bureau.  His work included: 'new start, oral health, mental health, HIV/AIDS education and youth HIV prevention.'  His programs are still in place today.

William’s passion and much of his recent years were focused on writing a comprehensive book geared at better defining the Declaration of Independence and the works of Thomas Jefferson.  {This stated, I welcome a willing writer to help bring his work to fruition.}  He was the most elequent, yet clear communicator and writer I have ever known.  I have known a few.

Murph moved to St. Louis in July of 2012 with his dearest friend, Tara Frabotta where he resided until his passing.  Murph is part of many families, two families in St. Louis which are within Tara’s circle and one within his friend, Ed Mueller’s large cathotlic family. 

Notably, within his first week in St. Louis, he connected with Ed Mueller at the infamous, “White Barn” on the north suburban side in St. Louis, (Moline Acres).  Quickly, Ed introduced Murph to his large Irish Catholic family and friends.  Murph and the Mueller group played golf regularly and attended family gatherings together, hosted by Ed’s wife, Debbie.  Murph made friends with neighbors, police, political figures and he even took on a security role after his retirement to stay busy and to create a nest egg.  The security company was owned by a member of the Mueller family.  Having no children of his own, he was always seeking a way to love kiddos.  They sure did love him, including my neice who still asks me about him after 9 years.  So, he is 'uncle' to many.  He was incredibly thoughtful and generous.  He always thought of others.  He often bought happy meals just to be sure he procured the latest Minion figure for his grandniece, Celine Frabotta. 

To date, Murph gave me the most generous gift one could ever receive.  He entrusted me with his life.  He gave me uplifting notes, caring gifts and things only he knew would be special to the other.  He is a man with a huge heart.  He has big shoes to fill and his kindness, intellect, wisdom and generosity are not far from a modern day sage.  He is my best friend, my soul mate and he will be a voice of reason to many for years to come.  The legacy he left is beyond words.  He makes everyone who knows him want to be the best person they can be.  I will listen for his voice to guide me as I am sure others will as well.

Much love to you wise, gentle spirit.  In my heart and many forever.  I can only aspire to be more like you and be a beacon to others in terms of service and kindness.  You are my hero.

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