William James "Murph or Jack" Murphy
May 12, 1949 - February 24, 2018

Favorite Sports Team: White Sox
Favorite Food: Lasagna, pulled pork sandwich, RC Cola
Favorite Musical Group: Beatles
Greatest Achievement: An enlightened being who served many
Favorite Saying/Quote: That's all that's fit to print. Okaaay dookaay!
Favorite Flower: Star Gazer
Favorite Color: Blue
Best Childhood Experience: Riding his bike by himself to his Grandparents
Favorite Vacation: Golf Trips
Favorite Movie: Despicable me
Favorite Song: NPR
Favorite Book: Looming Tower, 1,000s avid reader
Favorite Restaurant: And greasy spoon - Hollywood Grill
Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu
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