William Orr "Bill" Swan, III
March 23, 1952 - June 04, 2011

Another Year Gone

It has been a turn-around year in many respects.  I am trying to follow the advice you gave me and live life  looking forward.  It's more difficult to do than I realized it would be.  I still miss you...

Started by Kathleen Swan on June 10, 2013

Memorial Candle

This candle burns to the Glory of God

in thanksgiving for the life of my beloved husband, Bill Swan,

on the one year anniversary of his homegoing.

Rest Eternal grant unto him, O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon him.

May his soul, and the souls of the faithful departed by the Mercy of God, rest in peace.

Started by Kathleen Swan on June 04, 2012

This Place Isn't Home Anymore
I am surrounded with things that remind me of you,

But all I feel is the emptiness you left behind.

This place isn't home anymore.

I hear your songs, I see the photographs you took -

The clothes still hanging, waiting for your next trip...

This place isn't home anymore.

We had so much living left to do, you and I,

But now that you are not by my side,

This place isn't home anymore.

No bearings yet for the life ahead -

Just a broken heart that will never mend.

This place isn't home anymore.

Come back to my waiting arms;

Let me hold you once again.

And this will be home once more.

Started by Kathleen Swan on May 15, 2012

Memorial Service Highlights


Your Memorial Service was a wonder to experience.  Our tiny St. Bartholomew's was packed to overflowing with people from everywhere, even people long relegated to memory.  They came from Applied Microsystems, Personal Scientific/Summation, CSI (yes, the Munro clan came!), Alerton, Trend and Honeywell, Delta Controls, ASHRAE, BIG-EU, Olympia, Free Republic, Slighe Nan Gaidheal, Seirm, old neighbors, Kairos Prison Ministry International, former members of the Keith Highlanders Pipe Band, your beloved piping instructor, the Persian ex-pat community, friends and colleagues from as far away as Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  

Scott McLean played the Lament for MacCrimmon to bring us in.  Scott Powell accompanied the hymns (566 - Galilee "Jesus Calls us O'er the Tumult" and 345 - St Columba "The King of Love My Shepherd Is") and played prelude and postlude music. Kim Cooney, your Irish Lyric Tenor friend, sang "How Great Thou Art" for the reflection solo a capella.  As his voice cracked with emotion, the congregation began humming in harmony to support him in his struggle for composure. The parting was presided over by Scott McLean playing Floo'ers of the Forest.  There were very few dry eyes that I could see through my tears on the way out. 

Father Davis selected very fitting portions of scripture read by Larry Talbott, and the 23rd Psalm, read antiphonally by us all.  His welcome was warm, his sermon was brief and tightly focused on how short the time is we have on earth.  Each one of us was challenged to redeem the time - make the most of what we have and, as it were, live each day as though it were our last on Earth.

You would have been very proud of the ladies of our Anglican Church Women's group who welcomed and fed this huge crowd.  No one left hungry or unfilled. The parish hall was decorated with the pictures that hung on the wall in your office, and some of your photographs.  Three loose leaf binders full of get well cards and condolence cards, photos from work, home and other places, emails and online publications about you.  You are sorely missed.  The world may not have been a kind place to you at times, but it is full of people who still love you and miss you very much.  The sheer number of lives you touched for the better is staggering.  Your life did count for God's Kingdom.  I am sure you see that, now.

Started by Kathleen Swan on July 13, 2011

Carrying on...
My love, you never said good bye.  I couldn't say good bye because I still can't believe you are no longer here.  It's going to be a long road back.....
Started by Kathleen Swan on June 18, 2011

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